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Herbal Support for  
Health Conditions:

Acne Cream
Blood Pressure
Brain Food
Cancer Support
Diabetic Neuropathy
Dry Mouth / Xerostomia
Dry Mouth & Oral Irritations
Gallbladder Stones
Goiter and Nodules
Lymphatic System Care
Immune Boosting
Kidney Stones
Menopause Support
Menstruation Problems
Mouth Moustrrizer
Ovarian Cysts
Parasites (intestinal)t
Scar Healing
Sleep Disorder
Skin Healing
Skin Moisture
Stretch Marks
Weight Loss

Our Featured Products
GMP Certified Products Manufactured in a State of the Art,
FDA Registered Laboratories.
Galbladder and Kidney
YIDAN Formula
Supports successful
cleansing / flushing
the gallbladder and
kidney systems.
Lung Support
Prostatitis Support
Pulean Formula
Unique preparation
for BPH and
Prostatitis support.
Award winning 
natural supplement.            
Ganoderma Lucidum Spore
The Medicine of
inmune system support.Potent 450 mg capsules.
Goiter & Nodule Support
Promotes natural
Thyroid Goiter and
Nodule relief.
Very effective.
     Neuropathy Support
Serious natural
support for diabetic
neuropathy and non-
     diabetic. Fast
     and long lasting.
   Herbal Aphrodisiac
         Bladder Regulator

Serious support for improving urgency, micturition frequency, nocturia, and urinary incontinence .

            Elicina Cream
Hypertension Support
Managing Stress &
Keep Calm
Potent herbal formula
assists and manages
stress and anxiety
Top sleep enhancer
with a unique blend
of herbs designed
to help promote
sound sleep.
Serious Arthritis Support
Now you can get
relief with natural
herbal remedy for
arthritis pain and
Lymphatic System Care
Lymphatic Care
Supports natural
reduction and
promotes healthy
lymphatic system.
Pressure Guard
Proprietary herbal
blend formulated
to support a healthy blood pressure the natural way.
For sexual health of both, men and women. Assist the cause of lost libido.
     Parasitic Cleanse
Parasitall, a must for complete intestinal colon cleansing. You will feel the difference!
Natural Pain Support
New Day, Natural pain management for migraine, joint, arthritis, backpain neuropathy, stiffnes, aches.
    Diabetes Support
Diabetrex Natural herbal support for excessive thirst, hunger, urine, fatigue, weakness.
  Memory Recall Booster
Memory Recall    Superior cognitive booster for a mind that's clear, sharp      and powerful.
Tinnitus Natural Support
X-Tinnitus, natural Chinese formulated herbal tinnitus ear remedy. Assists to relieve the noise.
  Natural Liver Support
LiverRescue Ayurvedic formula assists to nourish balance and detox the liver.
       Nain Fungus-Dr
  Organic Gano Spore
100% Certified Organic Gano Supreme Spore Premium quality in vegan capsules, Kosher Certified.
        Thyroid Support
Thyroid Herbal, a unique, all natural formula that supports nourishing, balancing and detoxing the thyroid.
Ganoderma Spore Coffee
Gourmet black coffee with Ganoderma Spore.
Hyperroid Formulated by Chinese master herbalist to help  the symptoms of hyperthyroid.
Super Immune Booster
Immune Defender Four Mushrooms Complex: Gano, Shiitake, Maitake & Cordyceps Sinensis.
   Menopause Support
New Beginning. Total menopause & perimenopause care. Hot flashes, night sweats, irritability.
        Acne Herbal Relief
Madame  Magdalene Scientifically formulated. Effective for all types of acne.
    Intensive Moisturizer
Madame Magdalene Luxurious Cream with Hyaluronic Acid, Jojoba Oil, Squalene.
   Anti-Cellulite Cream
Madame Magdalene Proven Cellulite fighting abilities.

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Lungs Harmony
Assists congested
lungs, maintain free
breathing in cases
of Asthma, Bronchitis,
Emphysema & more

Formulated by Chinese master herbalist, a potent        compound that destroys the source discolored nails.
Herbal Weigth Loss
Totally Thin
A highly effective weight-loss formula by a Chinese master herbalist.
Elicina contains seven of the most valued natural skin care ingredients.