Gallbladder Cleanse



A Safe, All-Natural Supplement  used in China

successfully for years to promote cleansing the

gallbladder and kidney systems


YI DAN Formula


                                         Formulated by Chinese Master Herbalists to Dissolve Gallstones,

                                      manufactured under strict GMP regulations


                                                            An estimated twenty million Americans have gallbladder problems and

                                                            approximately 750,000 of them will have their gallbladder removed this year. 


                                                            The sole function of the gallbladder is to store bile, which is produced in the

                                                            liver and aids in the digestion of fats in the small intestine. The gallbladder

                                                            has become a prime target for surgical intervention; in fact, this is the most

                                                            common type of major surgery. Sometimes it's done to reduce pain, sometimes

                                                            to remove gallstones. 


                                                            Approximately 80% of all gallstones show no symptoms and may remain

                                                           "silent" for years. Once symptoms arise, they persist and increase in frequency.

                                                            The most common triggers for gallbladder attacks are caffeine, chocolate,

                                                            eggs, dairy products (especially ice cream) and greasy or deep fried foods.

                                                            Symptoms may include right upper quadrant abdominal discomfort or sharp

                                                            pain, gas or fullness after a heavy meal. The pain can also spread to the chest,

                                                            shoulder, neck or back. In addition to these symptoms, stones expelled from

                                                            the gallbladder during contraction may become lodged within the bile duct

                                                            leading to infection of the bile duct or gallbladder.


                                                                        How Stones are Formed


                                                            In gallbladder disease, bile in the gallbladder becomes concentrated and

                                                            thickens. Gallstones are born out of this sludge from cholesterol and bile salts.

                                                            The end result of the disease process is inflammation (cholecystitis) or stones s                                       

                                                            (cholelithiasis). A gallbladder attack occurs when the gallstone blocks the flow

                                                            of bile from the gallbladder and is manifested as a pain in the right side,                                       

                                                            (sometimes perceived in the right shoulder because of referred pain) as

                                                            severe as the excruciating pain of a heart attack.


                                  Conventional Cleansing all Carry Unwanted Risks

                                                            Different approaches to gallbladder problems in conventional medicine all

                                                            carry unwanted risks. The most common treatment, surgery, has as many

                                                            as 10% of patients coming out of surgery with stones remaining in the bile

                                                            ducts according to the U.S. National Institute of Health.


                                                            Bile duct injury is another risk. According to the Society of American

                                                            Gastrointestinal Endoscopic Surgeons, "complications of Laparoscopic

                                                            Cholecystectomy are infrequent, but include bleeding, infection, pneumonia,

                                                            blood clots, or heart problems. Unintended injury to an adjacent structure such

                                                            as the common bile duct or duodenum may occur and may require another

                                                            surgical procedure to repair it. Bile leakage into the abdomen from the tubular

                                                            channels leading from the liver to the intestine has been described.






YIDAN The Gallbladder and Kidney Cleanse!

Assists Easing the Pain as it cleanses the

Gallbladder and Kidney Stones


                                                            This dietary supplement is used in China to support dissolving and cleansing of

                                                            gall and kidney stones. It also supports cleansing damp-heat and toxic heat in the

                                                            liver and gallbladder, harmonizes the middle burner. Chinese master herbalists 

                                                            developed this product specifically to help support dissolving acute and chronic

                                                            gall and kidney stones.


                                                            Caution: Do not use if pregnant or nursing. Do not exceed dosage.

        Directions: As a dietary supplement, take 3 tablets 2 times a day.


                                                          Packing: 180 tablets per bottle, 30 day supply.


                                                          The Ingredients: 

                                                            Glauber's Salt, White Vanadium,

                                                            Radix Curcumae (root), Radix Scrophulariae (root), 

                                                            Radix Glycyrrhizae (root), Flower Lonicerae (flower).




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  Gallbladder Products

Be wary of new cheap products

that are just appearing on the

market. These have common

ingredients that are far from

effective and may waste

valuable time.


The YIDAN Formula, with its unique proprietary formula was

introduced to the US by

NaturalyPure over 7 years ago and since has a proven record with naturopathic doctors and chiropractors who continuously recommend it.




    Liquid Gallstone        Remedies...

Many customers come to us

saying that these did not work

for them. Primarily because

they use the so called home

remedy ingredients like vinegar.


Also the fact that they are

liquid, it goes so rapidly through

the system and out, that there

is no chance for them to have

an effect on the stones.


This is why we use tablets for

our YIDAN Formula, it dissolves

slowly, therefore works on the

stones for much longer time to

dissolve them.



             Be Aware!

About products that advertise as being

"Doctor Approved" .


Doctors are not knowledgeable 

about  natural remedies, therefore

they do not believe on them,  much   less recommend them.


However they love surgery because

it is very profitable and certainly

will not approve any natural

product that will deprive

them from their livelihood.