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     ~ A Very Important Discovery ~


This year, the AHA estimates that

 70,000 Americans will suffer a stroke – that is, one every 45 seconds

– making it America’s number three killer.


                                               Nattokinase is a natural health food that is clinically proven 

                                               to support the body’s production of clot-dissolving agents that 

                                               may help reduce risk of heart attack and stroke.



                                 The Natural Alternative to Prevent




                                                   Lower High Blood Pressure

                                                   Prevent Apoplexy

                                                   Cardiovascular Disease



                                                   Venous Stasis



                                                   Varicose Vein


                                  What is Nattokinase?

                                    Nattokinase is a pontent fibrinolytic enzyme extract and highly

                                         purified from a traditional Japanese food, called "Natto".


                                      The discovery of Nattokinase

                                         Dr. Hiroyuki Sumi had long researched thrombolytic enzymes

                                         searching for a natural agent that could successfully dissolve 

                                         thrombus associated with cardiac and cerebral infarction.           

                                         Sumi found what he was looking for when Natto was dropped 

                                         onto artificial thrombus (fibrin) in a Petri dish and allowed it to 

                                         stand at 37 0C (approximately body temperature). The thrombus around the natto 

                                         dissolved gradually and had completely dissolved within 18 hours. Sumi named the 

                                         newly discovered enzyme "nattokinase", whitch means "enzyme in natto". Dr. Sumi 

                                         commented that nattokinase showed "a potency matched by no other enzyme".1


                                         Potent Anti-Clotting Enzyme

                                         Nattokinaseis a nontoxic potent anti-clotting enzyme derived from natto, a 

                                         cheese-like food made fermented soybeans that has been eaten by the 

                                         Japanese for over 1000 years.




                                          In Japan natto is eaten not only for its popular taste but also as a folk remedy for 

                                          heart and vascular disease, to relieve fatigue and as an anti-beriberi agent.


                                       Nattokinase is Backed by Research

                                     Nattokinase has now been the subject of 17 studies, including two small human

                                          trials. Its proprties closely resemble that of plasmin (the boby's primary clot 

                                          dissolving agent), but animal studies show the thrombolytic activity of Nattokinase 

                                          to be much stronger.

                                          Nattokinase not only dissolves clots but can prevent them and modulate the

                                          clotting process in ways that help reestablish coagulation homeostasis2


                                           Research in the United States

                                           Dr. Martin Milner of the Center for Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon and

                                           Dr. Kouhei Makise of the Imadeqawa Makise Clinica in Kyoto, Japan were able to

                                           launch a joint research project on nattokinase and write an extensive paper on

                                           their findings. "In all my years of research as a professor of cardiovascular 

                                           and pulmonary medicine, natto and nattokinase represents the most 

                                           exciting new development in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular

                                           related diseases," Dr. Milner said. "We have finally found a potent natural 

                                           agent that can thin and dissolve clots effectively,

                                           with relative safety and without side effects." 3






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                                             Nattokinase not only dissolves clots but can prevent them

                                        Nattokinase supplements may prevent the need for more aggresive warfarin  

                                             therapy.  for patients already taking warfarin, doctors may want to add 

                                             Nattokinase to minimize side effects and risks by keeping the warfarin dose as

                                             low as possible.2


                                             Description of NATTOKINASE Plus:
                   Support Healthy Circulation, Blood Pressure and Overall Health
                                             2 Softgel capsules contain--------------------------% Daily Value
                                             Vitamin E (as d-alpha tocopherol)----20 I.U.-------66%
                                             Nattokinase 20,000 FU/g--------------100 mg.---------*
                                             Other ingredients: rice bran oil, gelatin, glycerin, purified water, lecithin,
                                             yellow beeswax, tumeric and glycerin complex, titanium dioxide.
                                             Daily Value not established. 
                                             Quantity: 60 softgel capsules


                   Discuss with your health care professional before Nattokinase use if you are

                                             Taking anti-coagulants, aspirin, coumadin or other medicines that thin the blood.

Not all Nattokinases are Created equal,

Ours is a Pharmaceutical Grade, to be Dispensed

 by Health Care Professionals



Take Control of Your Cardiovascular System the Natural Way




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