Support Your Hormonal (endocrine) system

for normal Menstruation


Time Tested Chinese Herbal Formula


The Endocrine System is the biochemical system of the body which controls

 and regulates the functioning of our entire metabolism through the production

 and direction of all of our hormones. Within the Endocrine System, there are

 literally hundreds of types of hormones produced - some affect a specific

gland or tissue, some affect our overall health, and others simply aid in the

production of other hormones.

Hormones are incredible multifunctional biochemicals, without which,

we simply could not live. A specific group of hormones are amino

acid-based molecules being manufactured by the body's from-free form

 amino acids, so if these essential amino acids aren't available, hormonal

production dwindles.

The Endocrine System directly controls the process of aging and how healthy

we will be in the process. Hormones manufactured by the Endocrine System

 directly govern the welfare of the entire body, keeping us young,

healthy, and happy.


The endocrine system consists of glands that perform specialized tasks

by secreting chemical "messengers" called hormones. The pituitary gland

stimulates other endocrine glands to release hormones into the bloodstream,

 where they trigger various responses critical to good health. This includes

the thyroid gland (which controls metabolism), the adrenal glands, and the

 reproductive system that secretes the steroid (or sex) hormones.


An imbalance in any area can wreck havoc with one's health. Often the

synthetic hormones doctor's prescribe have side effects of their own

that cause secondary (but serious) problems.

                                        Hormonal System


Supports Your Hormonal System's

natural balance to 

 maintain normal Menstruation


                                                     Recommended For:

                                         Irregular Menstruation

                                                               Dysmenorrhea (painful menstrual cramps)

                                         Amenorrhea (no menstrual periods)

                                                              Hormonal Imbalance

                                          Leukorrhagia (vaginal discharge)

                                          Abdominal pain after delivery

The Precious Ingredients

A changeable cycle probably means a hormone imbalance.  

Herbs that help, Sanchi (root),  Sichuan lugusticum (rhizome), Salvia miltiorrhiza

bunge (root), Fennel, Nutgrass gaiingale (rhizome) are found in this formula.


The Chinese have been using these herbs to regulate menstruation since

at least the sixth century b.c.


Typically, Results of studies conducted in China led researchers to

conclude that these herbs enhances the utilization of oxygen in the liver and

 also that it contains small amounts of nutrients important to women:

vitamins B2, B6 and E, pantothenic acid, choline and zinc.





Packing: 60 capsules per box. You get 3 boxes / 180 capsules.

Caution: Do not use if pregnant or nursing.


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