NOW there is Relief for

Dry Mouth / Xerostomia Discomforts!


Over 20,000,000 people suffer from Dry Mouth.

This ranges from minor problems (hyposalivation) caused by overusing

the voice or nervous tension, to severe salivary gland dysfunction

(xerostomia), caused by prescription medications, SjÖgren's Syndrome, 

stress, AIDS, radiation treatment and aging.



                                    Great Natural Product for Fast & Long Lasting Relief!








                                                                                               SalivaSure stimulates natural saliva
                                                                                               production in people with reduced                        

                                                                                               salivary gland function.
is an                                       
                                                                                               over-the-counter product with safe                         
                                                                                               GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe)                                 
                                                                                               ingredients that enhance natural saliva                   
                                                                                               stimulation, even in cases of severely                                        
                                                                                               diminished saliva function. The lozenge      

                                                                                               works locally, on contact, and offers        
                                                                                               instant and natural relief.                 


                                                                                               SalivaSure will not aggravate symptoms with
                                                                                               needless sugars, stomach acids, or added 

                                                                                               dental problems. The natural fruit acids in

                                                                                               SalivaSure are ph neutralized.






                                                                   Myths and Misconceptions about relieving dry mouth:

                                  Sucking on candies or sweets. This damages the teeth and adds needless 
                                                                   sugars and extra calories.

                                                              Drinking liquids excessively. This does not stimulate saliva. 

                                                                   Using saliva sprays. This awkward and attention-drawing practice only
                                                                   provides short-term relief.


                                                               Why are These the Right Products for You?

                                                                     No known side effects 
                                                                     Safe for continuous long-term use 
                                                                     Does not interact with medications 
                                                                     Produces saliva naturally 
                                                                     Immediate and long-lasting relief 
                                                                     Does not promote tooth decay 
                                                                     Great fresh fruit taste 

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                                 SalivaSure,  - 90 lozenges

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