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Dry Mouth / Xerostomia


         Affects 3 Out of 10 Adults in the United States

             Dry mouth and it's numerous causes

                                                           Dry mouth is a discomfort that may have many causes. Among them are the following:


                                                           Prescription drugs and over the counter remedies can produce a side effect in the

                                                           form of dry mouth, drugs such as for high blood pressure, antihistamines, muscle relaxants,

                                                           anti-diarrheas decongestants and many others.


                                                           Health conditions can also be a cause for dry mouth condition. Diseases that are likely

                                                           to cause dry mouth are: Sjogren's Syndrome, Lupus, Diabetes, Alzheimer's, HIV/AIDS,

                                                           Stroke and Parkinson's disease.


                                                           Medical treatments, such as chemotherapyand radiation can also affect the nature of

                                                           saliva and the amount produced.


                                                           Aging and its metabolic changes is another factor that may be likely to reduce the

                                                           production of saliva.


                                                           To a lesser degree, every day habits such as using tobacco products, caffeine and

                                                           alcohol consumption, including mouthwashes. 



                                               Myths and Misconceptions about relieving dry mouth:

                    Sucking on candies or sweets. This damages the teeth and adds needless sugars

                                                           and extra calories. 

                                                           Drinking liquids excessively. This does not stimulate saliva


There is a Fast Dry Mouth Relief

Product that Also Relieves Oral Irritations,

Including Stomatitis and Sores!

   Oral Serenity

The New Natural and Effective Solution

for Dry Mouth and All Oral Irritations!


                                                     Oral Serenity mist, stimulates natural saliva
                                                     production in people with reduced  
                                                     salivary gland function. Oral Serenity is an
                                                     over-the-counter product with safe
                                                     GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe)   

                                                     ingredients that enhance natural saliva
                                                     stimulation, even in cases of severely                              
                                                     diminished saliva function. The Spray mist
                                                     works locally, on contact, and offers
                                                     instant and natural relief. 

                                                     Oral Serenity will not aggravate symptoms with                                             
                                                     needless sugars, stomach acids, or ad

                                                     dental problems. The natural stevia as sweetener

                                                     in Oral Serenity provides safe use for diabetics.


                                                     THE HERBAL INGREDIENTS:  

                                                     Radix Stemonae, Clove, Honeysuckle, Radix Sophorae, Borneol, Sophorae flavescentis

                                                     Dandelion, Peppermint Oil, Alcohol, Stevia, Deionized Water, Boron.


                                     The importance of Saliva and a Healthy Mouth


                                             It is essential for taste, to swallow, for digestion, healthy gums and teeth, voice and  speech

                                                 speech articulation. Saliva helps prevent potentially severe dental problems. It provides

                                                                 a first defense against chemical, mechanical and infectious attacks. 


                                         Why Oral Serenity is the right product for you?

                                                                               No known side effects 
                                                                               Safe for continuous long-term use 
                                                                               Does not interact with medications 
                                                                               Produces saliva naturally 

                                                                               Soothes and protects mouth tissue irritations fast

                                                                               Relieves Oral Chemo irritations .

                                                                               Relieves oral sores on tongue and gums
                                                                               Immediate and long-lasting relief 
                                                                               Does not promote tooth decay 


                                                                      (Not Available in Stores at the present)



                                              No Need To Suffer Any Longer...,



             Order Yours Now Online or Call Us Toll Free 1800-900-7724



                                Oral Serenity /               

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