Now Joined by Cordyceps Sinensis!


                                        Ganoderma Lucidum



                                                         Cordyceps Sinensis




The Imperial Blend


                                                          They Will Fight

                                   to Boost and Defend Your Immune System


                                                                              Four Mushroom Complex,

                                                        The Super Immune System Boosters and Defenders


                                                                   Now All 4 in One Convenient Capsule!

                                                                Valued for hundreds of years by Asian herbalists for their ability

                                                                to reinforce the immune system, Ganoderma, Shiitake and Maitake

                                                               and Cordyceps Sinensis mushrooms contain a number of nutraceutical

                                                               compounds with immune-boosting potency.






                                    Ganoderma Lucidum                    Shitake                              Maitake                     Cordyceps Sinensis

                                   Used in China for over          Several anticancer             Recent studies indicate       Cordyceps is a powerful 

                                   4000 years, is a powerful      substances have been       that Maitake is the most       tonic In ancient China,

                                   and effective supplement      found in shiitake                potent immune stimulant      Cordyceps was highly prized as    

                                   for those struggling with        mushrooms, including        of all mushrooms. The         one of the most effective medicines

                                   debilitating chronic               lentinan, which has been    compounds contained         due to its anti-aging and cure-all

                                   illnesses such as cancer,     studied in Japan as a         have the capacity to             properties. It can restore normal

                                   AIDS, hepatitis. Helps          treatment for stomach         stimulate immune function     function of the body, stimulate     

                                   reduce blood pressure,        and colorectal cancer.        and to inhibit tumor growth.  immune response, increase energy,

                                   has blood sugar lowering                                                                                        vitality, and longevity.

                                   effect.                                   Known or potential             Furthermore, preclinical

                                                                              therapeutic uses: AIDS/     studies suggest Maitake       Recent research has shown that it

                                   A general immune system    HIV support, cancer,          Mushrooms may have the   can strengthen the cardiovascular

                                   booster with ability to            fatigue, hepatitis, high        ability to stimulate the           system, improving sexual energy,

                                   reduced side effects due     cholesterol, hypertension,  immune system to the          and desire, alleviating the

                                   to chemotherapy or                                                                                                 symptoms of several respiratory

                                   radiation                              immune support,                point of inducing apoptosis  illnesses including chronic bronchitis

                                                                              intestinal parasites/worms,  (cell death) in cancer cells.  and asthma. Well known for anti-

                                                                              longevity, respiratory                                                    tumor properties.                                               



Four Potent Mushrooms in One Super formula,

 500mg per Capsule



                                Top Quality Ingredients, Absolutely No Filler Added!                     

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