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A vital organ that defends against bacterial microbes

                                              The spleen was thought in ancient times to be the seat of emotions but

                                          its real function, in immunity and to remove time-expired blood cells and

                                          circulating microbes, has only been gradually recognized.


                                                    Shaped much like a loose fist and tucked under the left side of the diaphragm,

                                                    the spleen is the most ignored and misunderstood of all organs. After all,

                                                    we read numerous times that someone in an automobile accident or a fight has a

                                                    ruptured spleen so the spleen is removed (splenectomy) and life goes on.


                                                    What we don't read about is that splenectomized people later have problems with

                                                    overwhelming bacterial infections of the blood (sepsis). What does this suggest

                                                    as the function of the spleen?


                                                    The spleen receives blood from an artery off of the aorta. After passing through

                                                    an intricate meshwork of tiny blood vessels, the blood continues to the liver.

                                                    The blood vessels of the spleen are surrounded by nests of B lymphocytes -

                                                    mainly of the memory type. As the blood slowly moves through the spleen, it is

                                                    monitored by T-cells for any non-self invaders. If some suspicious cell or molecule is

                                                    detected, it is presented to the resident B-cells for a match to an appropriate

                                                    memory B-cell. Once a matching B-cell is activated, the cell divides rapidly and

                                                    begins producing antibodies directed against the invading antigen.


                                                    The spleen blood vessels are also lined with macrophages which swallow and

                                                    digest debris in the blood such as worn out red blood cells and platelets. In a

                                                    disease such as mononucleosis, the macrophages in the spleen become overactive

                                                    and trap a higher number of white blood cells. In the process, the spleen becomes

                                                    swollen and may even rupture.


                                                      Gauchers Disease

                                                      Because the spleen contains macrophages it is almost invariably involved

                                                      in the course of Gauchers disease when its normal function becomes exaggerated

                                                      so destroying formed elements of the blood. Macrophages are cells that provide

                                                      defense against infection by engulfing microbes; they also break down old cells

                                                      and time-expired proteins within the body.


                                                      Many patients with Gauchers disease have had their spleen removed - usually

                                                      to alleviate the effects of its over-activity but sometimes because it has been ruptured

                                                      by injury. The spleen is removed for a wide range of conditions besides Gauchers

                                                      disease and there is long-term experience of the effects of splenectomy (removal

                                                      of the spleen) as a result.


                                                      With an experienced surgeon and good post-operative care, immediate

                                                      difficulties due to the removal of the spleen are rare. However, beyond surgery,

                                                      two complications deserve mention: the risks of thrombosis (blood clots)

                                                      with embolism to the lungs causing severe breathing difficulties; and the risk of

                                                      overwhelming infection (sepsis or septicaemia).


                                                      Blood clots
                                After the spleen is removed, the number of platelets (minute fragments of blood

                                                      cells that are essential for normal blood clotting and the prevention of bleeding) usually

                                                      rises rapidly. This incurs the risk of spontaneous clot formation in the blood vessels

                                                      and, should these blood clots move to the lungs or elsewhere, there is the risk

                                                      of embolism.


                                                       A natural formula that contains the growth and repair factors for the spleen

                                                       (RNA/DNA) factors sometimes called protomorphogens) to nourish  your

                                                       spleen to regain it's health.


                                                       Each capsule contains 250 mg. of spleen concentrate.

                                                       DIRECTIONS: 1 capsule three times daily, or more as directed by a doctor.

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