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   Get rid of your joint pains, 
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         About Hyaluronic Acid

                Hyaluronic acid exists naturally in all living organisms and is a universal
                   component of the spaces between the cells of body tissues (extracellular space).


       Benefits of Synthovial 7

        In Liquid Form for Better Absorption!  

           Synthovial 7 is hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a special
            mucopolysacharide that is the normal lubricant in human joints. When
             present in a joint, even a joint with minimal or no cartilage, it can provide
a cushion effect. 

              Hyaluronic acid helps to maintain smooth, elastic skin. HA is used in
               many cosmetics such as make-up and moisturizing creams. Basically,
           HA helps to hold water in the skin. 

               HA helps control cell migration which protect cells and also activates the
               white cells. Since HA is an endogenous substance, it can be used to
                 reduce the need for antibiotics by stimulating the immune system. 

                HA helps reduce bacterial infections and has been found to inhibit the
                growth of a variety of strains of bacteria. It has also been concluded
                 that HA even reduced the number of chronic bronchitis infections in patients. 


                                                        Benefits May Include: 

   Joint Pain
   Knee Injuries
   Shoulder Injuries
   Wrist Injuries
   Dry Skin Relief 

                                                                         Rheumatoid Arthritis

                                                                         Chronic Fatigue


                                                                         Dry eyes



Synthovial 7 is an oral solution made from premium grade
hyaluronic acid with a molecular weight between 2.4 -- 2.8 million
Daltons. Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a polymer and it can come in
varying molecular weights. Studies have shown more benefits with
the higher molecular weight HA polymers. More cushioning and
lubricating properties for the joints and tissues, more moisture
retaining qualities for the skin. 

     We have the highest molecular weight oral HA in the market!   

Synthovial 7 is a liquid solution of hyaluronic acid. Oral liquid
solutions by nature are absorbed by the body easier and quicker than
tablets and capsules. Enjoy the benefits faster --- joint pain relief,
clearer, smoother, younger looking skin and all the other anti-aging
benefits of hyaluronic acid all throughout the body.

A full dropper, one (1) ml. in a glass of water once a day is all it takes.
You don't have to worry if you have taken the third of four doses of
those capsules or tablets today. You don't have to make doctor
appointments for those costly and painful injections. You don't have
to take extra medications to combat the harmful side effects of your
prescription. And no more of those smelly and messy creams.

Synthovial 7 is hyaluronic acid that comes from an extracellular
substance produced by a bacteria in a laboratory. There are no animal
derivatives. Since HA is native to the human body and our product is
not derived from animal tissue, hypersensitivity is not a concern.
There are no known side effects. 

Don't just take our word for it, read what 
they have to say......

... over the years I have tried everything...then someone else 
mentioned this new product. I am getting my life back.
I went scuba diving in Hawaii, bike riding for 8 1/2 miles, 
going down swim slides with two of my grandchildren....

.... I have been taking Synthovial 7 for only one week and I am 
almost pain free for the first time in 3 years! Not even steroids 
combined with Vioxx or Celebrex took this much pain away....
Rosanna Gonzales 

... I have used several joint building products...with no success.
I started using anti-inflammatory products which caused
other about two weeks ....I can get up in the
morning without having a lot of joint pain.....
Carolyn Hobbs 

... I also have noticed a difference in my eyes.
I have dry eyes and have noticed great improvement... 
D. Ehmke 

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