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   What Customers are Saying About the Yi Dan Formula

                                               "To all gallstone sufferers...I would recommend YI DAN because it really works! I know this first hand

                                                because I had the awful experience of painful gallstones. After trying YI DAN my life changed for the better.

                                                No more pain and no more gallstones. I was skeptical at first but I gave it a try anyways and to my

                                                surprise it worked faster and better than I thought. My thanks to you."                              Phil Ft. Meyers,


                                                "Dear NaturalyPure, I had a 5mm stone that my doctor said would need an ESWL procedure.

                                                 I tried your Yi Dan as a last ditch effort and what a surprise! The pain stopped and I didn't even realize

                                                 I passed it till I saw the ultrasound results. Your product saved me the agony and expense of surgery.

                                                 Thank you."                                                                                                                             Rita, NM


                                                  BTW, I am just finishing the YI DAN (gall stone) formula (I am almost done with the third bottle)

                                                  I purchased from you, and it seems to have worked great! The emergency room doctor told me I needed

                                                  gall bladder surgery--and soon!, but I opted to go the herbal route, instead, and ended up saving
                                                  myself a lot of grief (and money). Rather than having increasing problems, as the doctor predicted, I have

                                                  had no further troubles since altering my diet and taking the herbal remedy.

                                                  I just learned today that the famous drummer Tony Williams died at my age from "routine" gallbladder surgery.

                                                  I am not at all happy with the hospital, but as regards Naturalypure, I am not just a satisfied customer --

                                                  I am an overjoyed customer!                                                                                                  Clay S, WI



                                                  "YI DAN was a true blessing to me...I suffered from immense pain due to a very large stone in my

                                                  gallbladder. I was on the edge of getting surgery but I knew there had to be an easier way and so did

                                                  my wife. She came across YI DAN and so we had to give it a try. I'm so glad we did because within

                                                  days the pain was gone and within 3 months so was the stone! I just want to thank you for this amazing

                                                  product and also thank my wife for finding it!"                                                                    Benjamin, CA


                                                  "I researched all possible treatments for kidney stones - conventional and natural. It is the only product

                                                   I could find that was designed to get rid of kidney and gallstones. Yi Dan really worked! My kidney

                                                   stone attacks stopped almost immediately and on a follow up x ray, my doctor was surprised to see no

                                                   stones. Thanks for this blessing, it really saved me from a lot of pain."                           Samantha A. MA


                                                  "To the folks at NaturalyPure, I remember ordering in the middle of the night after a kidney stone attack.

                                                   The pain was so bad that I prayed for this to be the one product that worked. I was really surprised

                                                   when it arrived by Wednesday. Yi Dan worked like a charm, my pain went away and my stones passed

                                                   in no time. It feels good to be worry free that kidney stones are not a part of my life. Thank you so much"

                                                                                                                                                                                      Margaret G., NY



                                                  "God bless you for this product, it saved me from a dreadful surgery. I was told, that there was no other

                                                   way but thanks to a friend who told me about your product Yi Dan, my gallbladder was saved. I just

                                                   want to thank and let you know that your Yi Dan truly does work."                                     Stephen., NJ 



                                                   "My doctor said the only solution was surgery. I was sent home with pain killers. Being scared of not

                                                   knowing the unexpected and the pain I was dealing with I decided to try the YI DAN Formula.

                                                   To my surprise not only did YI DAN work immediately for my pain but it completely dissolved and

                                                   eliminated any gallstones that I had. Thank you for saving me from surgery!"

                                                                                                                                                                            Louis, San Antonio, TX



                                                   Hi, This will be my 3rd bottle of Yi Dan Formula. I truly believe in this product. I was in lots of pain

                                                   before I ordered and was thinking of surgery. I am doing much better ... This is a wonderful product.

                                                   Please send ASAP. Thank you so much.

                                                                                                                                                                            Teddy, Pocahontas, AR