Skin Treatment

with a Unique Miracle of Nature


The Natural Super Beautifier

This natural skin care substance is gathered from the secretions 

left on his paths by the Chilean snail Helix Aspersa Muller. 

The very same substance this snail uses to quickly regenerate his own shell and skin 

when damaged. After years of proven effects, scientific validation and

 the invention of a patented process to make it into a topical cream, 

now presented as a natural wonder


We may add that the snails are are not sacrificed. They are "milked" 

as many times as their normal and natural life span permits.


A safe natural  cream

      Elicina contains seven of the most valued natural skin care ingredients 

the cosmetic and dermatology industry thrives to include in their products, 

in an unconscious quest to mimic life's genius. All of them in a bio-available 

form and combined in one substance by nature's wisdom itself. 

Natural Action


Skin improvement should be apparent
after four weeks. Can be continued as a daily skin care routine 

indefinitely. Also for a soft skin after shaving and to heal razor

 burn and prevent ingrown hairs. 


 IMPORTANT NOTE!  Elicina . does not contain moisturizers, therefore we recommend 

people who use it for their complexion to apply a moisturizer like Madame Magdalene's

Intensive Moisturizing Cream after Elicina ., in order to avoid excessive

dryness or tightness produced by the exfoliant action of the extract.

 However, people with mixed or oily complexion may not need a moisturizer.


    Patent of Invention N 38.615, protected by The World Intellectual Property Organization in Geneva Switzerland. 

Find Out for Yourself the Power of Elicina!



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