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How to Cleanse and Detox Your Liver
One of the largest organs in the human body, and certainly one of the most important, the liver performs over five hundred functions vital to survival and good health. It stores vitamins, sugars and fats. It builds, regulates and maintains necessary body chemicals, and it removes waste products from the blood. The liver also breaks down harmful substances such as toxins.
At any given moment, thirteen percent of your blood supply is moving through this important organ.

The liver is a durable organ; it's the only one in the human body that is capable
of regenerating itself. It can continue to function after three fourths of it has been destroyed. It is also well protected, nestled behind the lower right ribs. However, certain disease and medical conditions can severely compromise this organ's ability to perform its essential duties.
Liver Rescue
Liver RescueTM is an Ayurvedic herbal remedy that assist effectively to nourish, balance and detox the liver.
Helpful for all liver conditions, including Jaundice. Alcoholic Liver Disease, Viral Hepatitis and Cirrhosis.*
The Unique Ayurvedic Ingredients of Liver RescueTM
Argentum - Argentum benefits several liver disorders like liverdegeneration, controls the sinews and muscles and most tremors that are caused by liver problems. This includes toxicity from medicines or alcohol affecting the liver.

Tribulus Terrestris - A known stimulator, Tribulus Terrestris has a.stimulating and detoxifying effect on the liver and kidneys.

Solanum Nigrum - Solanum Nigrum is considered as an adjuvant in the treatment of liver disorders, offering protection against liver cellular and tissue toxicity.

Eclipta Alba - Eclipta Alba promotes support for liver cirrhosis, jaundice,hepatitis and gallbladder problems. Reduces liver inflammation, obstructive swelling and pain. Able to shield liver cells and protect against harmful toxins.

Capparis Spinosa - Capparis Spinosa possesses strong antiviral properties which are beneficial in the preliminary treatment of acute viral hepatitis and liver cirrhosis. The herb is also useful as an anti-inflammatory.

Chichorium Indibus - Chichorium Indibus is a liver tonic, used as an adjuvant in hepatobiliary diseases (hepatitis, jaundice, hepatic congestion, biliary dyskinesia), The herb is helpful in assisting an enlarged liver and protect it against alcohol-induced hepatic damage.

Phillanthus Niruri - Called a wonder plant in Ayurvedic medicine, assists the effective functioning of the Liver, beneficial for liver failure, hepatitis A,B and Hepatitis C, fatty liver and liver cirrhosis. Beneficial to reduce the viral load in hepatitis B and to clears the jaundice.

Solanum Nigrum Linn - Solanum Nigrum Linn is effective in assisting the treatment of liver cirrhosis, also credited with emollient, diuretic, antiseptic and anti-inflammation properties.

Cassia Occidentalis - Cassia Occidentalis fortifies the liver, supports various forms of hepatitis, liver cirrhosis and various stages of liver failure*.
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