Intensive Anti-Wrinkle Cream,

                             A Complete State-of the-Art Treatment.


                                                                          Give your skin a radiant glow by using this revolutionary new skin cream

                                                                          created by Madame Magdalene, her Extreme Anti-Age Cream maintains

                                                                          its barrier function and helps combat the forces that lead to its premature aging.                                

                                                                          Its formula, rich in Hyaluronic Acid (HA) in combination with other

                                                                          state-of the-art ingredients, prevents skin from drying out and reduces the

                                                                          appearance of wrinkles while improving elasticity and suppleness.

                                                                          A complete treatment preventing free radicals while deeply nourishing the skin,                                       

                                                                          providing extra-rich active ingredients effective in restoring the skin layer and

                                                                          effectively fight free radicals to protects your skin against premature ageing,

                                                                          keeping it young, brightly fresh, firm and vital.














Formulated with Pure

Hyaluronic Acid (HA), Placental Protein,

 Ginseng Extract, Squalene, Hamamelis Extract

      and Vitamin C


                                                                                     Improves skin texture
  Diminishes lines and wrinkles
  Improves skin tone, elasticity and resilience
  Anti-free radical
  Hydrates and protects skin
  Provides younger, more vibrant and firmer skin

                                                                                      Fragrance: subtle white magnolia



      Years of Research for Her Passion for Natural Skin Beauty


                                                           After years of research, Madame Magdalene developed her now famous

                                                           skin care products that combine the best that nature and technology have to

                                                           offer. It is from nature itself, from the very heart of the living cells she has drawn

                                                           the precious active ingredients to develop her new  skin care line. Using a complex

                                                           extraction process, she has preserved the integrity of these ingredients in order

                                                           to take full advantage of their beneficial active properties



Madame Magdalene

    Passion for Natural Skin Beauty



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                                         Extreme Anti-Age Cream     

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            Anti-Age Cream

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