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        What Customers Say:


         My dear sir,

              Your Cactus Magic skin lotion is truly

        a gift from God. After years of suffering I

        have finally found something that works.

               Please keep up the good work.

        There are millions of people who could

        benefit from using your product. Please

        find enclosed my check for two- 2fl oz.

        bottles of Cactus Magic.

                               Respectfully  submitted,

        Oxnard, CA                            C. L. E.





        Dear Jim,

        I wanted to write to thank you so much

        for Cactus Magic. Within a week my face

       cleared up, I have just cancelled my

       subscription with Pro-Activ Skin Care.

              Yours works so much better for me.

       Question: now that I cancelled Pro-Activ,

       do you recommend any face wash soap

       and toners to use instead?

              I would like to order another bottle.

       The check is enclosed.

              Thank you so much.

       Los Angeles, CA             R. Armstrong




       I must tell you this product was more

       effective and astonishing than any single

       product I've ever used. I first used it on

       very bad sunburn, then used it on

       mosquito bites and minor scrapes and

       cuts, finally when wrecked my mountain

       bike and injured my face I used it again.

       Everyone I work with , as well as myself,

       was absolutely amazed at how quickly I

        healed and how  minimal the scarring

        was.  I guess I don't need to tell you how

    incredible your product is.


       Everglades, FL                   T. Tranquilto




       Dear Jim,

       I want to thank you for discovering this   

       miracle cactus potion and for having the

       know how as to putting it in a lotion that

       can be used so easily. I thought it was

       great the first time I used it on a bruise

       but when I burned my arm on that light

       on the set and we applied it immediately

       to the burn, I really got to see how great

       this lotion really is. We applied it once

       at the time of the burn and then about

       fifteen minutes later and I forgot comple-

       tely about it.. The next day I couldn't

       find the burned area on my arm.

               When I brought the bottle home it

       was for my grandson who was born

       minus one layer of skin. He constantly

       has cuts, scrapes and blisters and it really

       works wonders for him.

               Then my wife started using it for warts

       and now they are disappearing, Evidently

       there is no end to the problem that it

       can mend.


        Sun Valley, CA                   R. Vargas










                Skin Care

                          Super Skin Saver


Cactus Magic



         Cactus Magic is no longer being manufactured,

             however we have a product that works

                          remarkably better.


              Elicina Cream


          A Totally Natural Skin Healer



       Effective for All Skin Problems

            with a Unique Ingredient















































    My name is Albert Ramos and I have

         been fighting (PSORIASIS) for a

    long time. I have been treating

    my condition  with  creams

    prescribed by dermatologist.

         Lately I have been using your

    Cactus Lotion and I have noticed

    that it works as well as the cream

    or even better. All the areas where

    I had dry skin is gone and cleaned

    up now.

          Thank you so much for a

    great product.

                  Albert Ramos




        As a Movie Location Motorcycle

    Officer I am  on my feet up to 15

    hours a day.

       My feet at the end of the day

    would be cracked and bleeding.

    treated with various other products

    to no avail.

       I was told of this product by

    another Policeman. I used this

    Cactus Magic, much to my surprise

    my feet were cured and feel almost

    as new.

                    M. Rose





    Cactus Magic saved the day for me.

        My unusually sensitive skin takes a

        formidable beating from makeup on

        the set and the fearsome changing

       weather in  L.A.

               Upon the first application my skin

        "settled down", redness and flaking

        began to disappear after the first day.

               Now it is a regular part of my

        regimen in holding the line against

        the Santa Ana hot stage lights of

        makeup applications and removal.

                                            Thank you,

                                Stephen Tobolowsky





    To whom it may concern.

        Months ago I scraped the skin of my

        left hand replacing my garage door


               The wound formed a scab that

        would not  completely peal. I tried

        various healing products with little


               After using Cactus Magic twice a

        day for about a month, the scab

        dissolved and the wound completely


                Thank you so much.

                                      Yours Truly.

                                      Sam Hoggin



    Cactus Magic is the most remarkable

        antiseptic I've ever seen.

               It works great on fever blisters.

        Los Angeles, CA                        D. Joel



    Not available in stores

          at the present.





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