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                                                      What is ATP


                                                                  Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) is a compound that serves as the immediate source

                                                                  of energy for the body's cells, notably muscle cells. It increases energy and stamina,

                                                                  builds muscle density, increases muscle strength, buffers lactic-acid buildup (the

                                                                  reason for sore , achy muscles after physical activity), delays fatigue and preserves

                                                                  muscle fibers.




                                                                                       A Vital Component of Life


                                                                  ATP, a vital component of life. ATP is believed to provide 90-95% of all cellular energy

                                                                 and has been found to act as a neurotransmitter extracellularly. Also, an enormous

                                                                 amount of ATP is required by our energy-hungry muscles. Unfortunately, the brain does

                                                                 not store ATP, ATP cannot be shared between organ systems, its supply is very limited,

                                                                 and the demand for it by the body is very high. Therefore, ATP must be constantly

                                                                 synthesized to provide a continuous supply of energy or an ATP-imbalance occurs,

                                                                 which may lead to neuronal cell deaths, chronic fatigue from lack of energy, nutritional

                                                                 deficiencies, and muscle weakness and pain as in fibromyalgia, among many other

                                                                 symptoms. ATP imbalance or poor regulation can be very dangerous


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Energy to Perform

                                                                  Your body must be continuously supplied with energy to perform its many complex
                                                                  functions. As the body's energy demands increase with exercise, work, or in various
                                                                  disease states, there must be a way to provide this additional energy of you stop
                                                                  functioning at your optimum level.

                                                                  The energy-rich chemical compound that provides virtually all the energy needed by

                                                                  your body is known as adenosine triphophate, or simply ATP. The energy released

                                                                  from the breakdown of ATP is used to power all body functions. We need ATP to make

                                                                  our hearts beat, to give ours muscles power when we demand it, and to maintain our

                                                                  everyday lives. Without adequate ATP stores, we could not walk, run, breathe, or even

                                                                  have blood flow through our bodies. So, ATP is considered the "energy currency" of

                                                                  the cell. It is, in fact, the molecule that gives us life.

                                                                  Dosage: One capsule three times daily, taken one hour before a meal.



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